The Truth is Out There

"What is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate, without waiting for reply. (John 18:38)

But for those of us who want an answer, this web site is offered as a step along the way. "Truth" for the Supreme Court answers the question what does the law require. Each of the nine justices on this court may answer differently, as fully 60% of our opinions are subject to dissent, and I dissent more than any other.

This site gives you my opinions: Every one of them, published or not. Moreover many of my other writings and speeches are collected here as well. These sometimes give a perspective, an overview, that cannot be discerned from reading an opinion here or there.

Finally, the Washington Constitution is reproduced in all its glory. To protect and apply this document is the highest purpose of this court. Our constitution begins: Governments "are established to protect and maintain individual rights." Const. Art. 1 § 1.

It is the court's job to apply the law to individuals and government alike.